Editorial Team


The editorial team consists of the editor-in-chief, executive editor, associate editor, section editors, and staff writers. Most section editors have written for at least two semesters and are responsible for managing the writers/articles in their section, editing articles, giving feedback to writers, and helping with brainstorming and conceptualizing article ideas. The staff writers are the wonderful people who write the articles you see printed in UDress! The editorial team is the heart and soul of UDress Magazine, where you write articles for the magazine: anything from beauty, style, home, or even making a Spotify playlist! When we announce the theme, writers have the chance to pitch article ideas with photoshoot, style, and beauty concepts for the print issue. Throughout the editorial process, writers go through various revisions with the Editorial Exec to fine-tune the article into perfection! During this time, writers also have the chance to attend photoshoots alongside the Associate Editor.

Editor – In – Chief

Ava Charlesworth

The Editor In Chief runs the whole magazine! The contact point for all teams, the EIC takes charge of creating the vision: executing each issue’s theme, conceptualizing article ideas, planning photoshoots plus the beauty, styling, and layout. The EIC ensures consistency amongst team directors and edits articles with editorial exec. With the President, the EIC helps run club fairs and meetings and additionally recruits from classes. 

Executive Editor

The Executive Editor trains for two semesters and later steps into the role of EIC afterwards! The Executive Editor does a breadth of tasks to support the Editor in Chief–whether that is gathering information from teams, editing articles, being at photoshoots, and shadowing meetings with the Editor in Chief. This position is assumed after semesters of writing for the magazine and section editing.

Associate Editor

Olivia Scheff

The Associate Editor is the top of the writing food chain, having final editing power over all articles and leading the section editors and staff writers. Throughout the semester, the Associate Editor meets with writers after multiple rounds of editing to make sure that pieces are ready to be published in the print magazine and demonstrate a level of stylistic writing and grammar fit for the semester theme.